Safety is of the highest importance in everything we do. The SSEC field staff is kept up-to-date on safety practices and regulations through weekly tailgates and regular training, following the lead of the general contractor when subcontracting on a job. We also incentivize our team with safety bonuses, which are awarded for accident-free jobs.

Our commitment to safety is exemplified in our MOD rate, which is one of the lowest in the industry for our region. That’s just one of the ways we help save you money and keep delays on your job to a minimum.

SSEC employee training

SSEC employees receive training in CPR, OSHA 10, MSHAW Certification, and are issued all personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to stay safe and injury-free on the job. Regular vehicle inspections ensure that equipment is maintained in peak condition. Our training is focused on ensuring that our workers are certified and confident on every piece of equipment they operate.

SSEC Safety Initiatives

The SSEC management team takes a hands-on role in all safety initiatives, previewing work areas before their crews even arrive on site, developing safety plans and ensuring accessibility. Live GPS tracking provides real-time data that keeps management informed on the performance of all employees, ensuring that they’re staying safe on the job.