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Blattner Energy had worked with SSEC previously on another wind farm and contacted us about renovating dilapidated wind farms in the Livermore area. Our past production, professional crews, huge fleet, safety record and experience in the natural energy sector lead them to request us as their contractor of choice.

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Blattner Energy

Industries Served
Renewable Energy
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Bonded Fiber Matrix, Hydroseeding

Sediment Control
Fiber Rolls/Wattles, Silt Fence

Wildlife & Environmental Services
Wildlife Exclusionary Fencing

Project Size
  • Hydroseed with native seeds, fiber, tackifier and fertilizer 1,587 acres
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix with native Seeds and fertilizers 26 acres
  • Straw Wattles 1,904,964 Linear Feet (360 Miles)
  • Silt Fence 37,418 Linear Feet (7 Miles)
  • Exclusionary wildlife Fence 38,820 Linear Feet (7.35 Miles)

High winds made Hydroseeding impossible on some days. Massive crews needed to be on the jobs for months on end. The sheer size and amount of straw wattles needed to keep up with the job risked material shortages. Massive equipment for moving dirt also required strong safety protocols.

How We Solved It

Local apartments were rented in Livermore to house management and workers, and local workers were added to keep up with production demands. Great coordination was achieved as a result of morning safety meetings, keeping the team up to date on where work would be performed on any given day, as well as the travel routes of bulldozers and scrapers, which changed daily. Up-front material needs were emphasized with product manufacturers.

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Natural / Renewable Energy

Levees, Wetland Mitigation

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