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SSEC was extremely proactive before the bid’s due date, talking with all prospective bidders and raising concerns about construction, timing, flooding (since we would be working in a flood plain) and our company’s ability to handle the project. In the end AECOM was the low bidder and chose us to be on their team.

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AECOM / WSAFCA West Sacramento Flood Control Agency

Industries Served
Government Agency
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Hydro Mulching, Hydroseeding, Straw Blowing, Composting, Drill/Broadcast Seeding & Fertilizing

Sediment Control
Silt Fence, Coir/Jute Netting, Erosion Control Netting

Wildlife & Environmental Services
Wildlife Exclusionary Fencing, ESA Fencing

Project Size

This was a 5-1/2 mile new setback levee with more than 40 acres of created wetlands. The new levee satisfied the 200-year flood protection measure required before 2025 on all WSAFCA levees. Project costs were more than $190,000,000.

  • Hydroseed or drill seed, straw and tackifier over 400 acres
  • 34 acres Jute netting and 8 acres of Coir netting installed with wedge wood stakes
  • 80,000 LF of Silt Fence
  • 52,500 LF of ESA/ Wildlife exclusionary Fence
  • 51 acres of Hydromulch

The new Setback levee was built 1/4 mile behind the existing levee on the Sacramento River. Between the two levees a seasonal wetland floodplain was built for fish and wildlife. To allow water to flow into the floodplain, the levee had to be breached in 4 locations where SSEC crews were working, only 1 foot in elevation above the flowing Sac River. We had to Drill Seed, Compost, blow native straw and install Jute and Coir Netting over 42 acres. Once AECOM breached the levee, we had to have the plain completed before the river naturally flooded the area.

Working so close to the river, the water table prohibited heavy equipment from working in this area. Instead, low-impact small equipment that wouldn’t sink into the ground had to be utilized. Ponds that protected thousands of turtles had to be protected from construction zones with wildlife fencing. Re-vegetating was also required for the new levees, existing levees, stockpiles and borrow sites.

AECOM’s construction schedule was hindered by the sinking of some heavy equipment. This cost several months in the timeline, pushing SSEC’s construction window even tighter.

How We Solved It

SSEC attended several construction schedule meetings before work began in order to plan out every curve ball that could be thrown at us. We created a construction schedule that enabled both AECOM and SSEC to complete the project on time time. Low- ground pressure tractors and mini-excavators were utilized to drill seed, spread compost, blow straw and dig anchor trenches for the netting to ensure the fast-moving river wouldn’t wash away the netting. Weekly meetings and great coordination with AECOM and all subcontractors made for a successful project.

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Project Testimonials

“Prior to procuring SSEC’s services, we were concerned with meeting SWPPP sediment erosion containment, BMP maintenance through the extended winter construction seasons and the installation of jute netting coir fabric soil stabilization measures. SSEC’s proactive management style and excellent reputation in meeting any and all erosion control challenges on levee embankment projects led to the submittal and subsequent acceptance of several value engineering concepts. This included BMP installation, modifications, substitutions, and quantity reductions, which resulted in substantial costs savings for the project. Their professional field crews anticipated challenges in advance, worked tirelessly to meet all stringent erosion control requirements, ensured the project was completed on schedule, and executed all erosion control measures to perfection. If you’re looking for proactive Contractor with the expertise and foresight to successfully manage erosion control challenges on your project, I’d highly recommend SSEC. From the top down you will get a commitment to excellence, unsurpassed expertise, honest and transparent communication, and a passion for performance.”

—J.J. Johnson, Sr. Project Director, AECOM Energy & Construction, Inc.

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