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On June 28, 2015, the Sleepy Hollow fire ignited around 2:15 in the afternoon. Strong winds and triple digit temperatures spread the fire quickly from where it started approximately three miles west of the city of Wenatchee. More than 3,000 acres as well as 30 homes and businesses were burned before the blaze was contained a week later. The City of Wenatchee and the Community Foundation of North Central Washington funded the restoration project and contracted with APEX to hydroseed the slopes to prevent erosion in the spring.

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City of Wenatchee, WA

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Erosion Control

Project Size
  • Seeding and mulching 13 acres
  • Budget: $77,335.45

The project site was very difficult to access. The ground was heavily saturated, with 600- to 700-foot 2:1 slopes that required 100% coverage. Crews also had a very short window of time to complete the project before forecast snowfall.

How We Solved It

Apex utilized a remote cannon system with the ability to spray 1,000 feet from the primary seeding truck. The 275-hp Apex Xtreme Hydromulcher was used to shoot up and down the slopes in areas up to 400 feet away. We started at daylight when the ground was frozen. NaturesOwn X9000 hydro seeding mulch mixed with organic grass seed varieties found locally were applied to the slopes. Just six months after the application the area was already returning to its previous condition.

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