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Apex is one of the few erosion control contractors in the world with the experience, personnel, expertise and equipment to perform large-scale aerial hydroseeding. We were contacted by Boeing and NASA to stabilize the soil at the Santa Susana field labs, one of the highest-security facilities in the United States. Apex was selected by the owners based on past performance, price, and the ability to mobilize immediately. This project was a joint venture in collaboration with American Civil Constructors (ACC).

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Boeing Company

Industries Served
Government Agency
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Hydroseeding, Aerial Seeding Applications

Project Size
  • 1,300 acres
  • Approximately 1,500 tons of hydromulching material
  • Budget: $2.8 million

In addition to very steep mountain country, Boeing and NASA have extremely complex procedures for performing work in the facility. Our crews had to mobilize from Washington to California in winter conditions, equipment needed to run non-stop for 28 days, and teams needed to work seven days a week.

How We Solved It

Apex teamed with ACC to overcome the administrative paperwork and procedures required by the job site. We provided a fleet of equipment with a complete mechanic’s facility and surplus parts to achieve the goal of continuous operation. A dedicated team of employees was assigned to the project to handle the seven-day workload. Apex’s safety procedures and team leaders ensured that the project was completed with zero accidents.

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