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When the Santa Rosa Fires broke out, we offered our services to the City of Santa Rosa in person. They agreed that a serious post-fire erosion problem existed — primarily in the Fountain Grove area — because of steep terrain, road drainage, culvert pipes and the loss of almost all homes. They agreed to let us design build the most critical areas of concern, with the Water Quality Control Board serving as a contracting vessel for funds needed to complete the project.

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State Water Board / City of Santa Rosa

Industries Served
Government Agency
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Bonded Fiber Matrix

Project Size
  • 180 acres of LSC Earthguard Fiber Matrix @ 3,500 lbs per acre along with native seed mix and organic fertilizers

As prime contractor for the state, we needed a to find a yard for material storage, get permission to access fire hydrants, and safely manage traffic control on roads with live traffic. We were not provided any mapping to where the work would be performed.

How We Solved It

SSEC started by locating a suitable material yard and renting enough space to tackle the project. Next we convinced the water agency we would need access to all local fire hydrants to perform work. We quickly trained our crews to run traffic control safely. Using GIS mapping software, we overlaid severe burn maps over roadways and drainage systems, mapping out the worst areas over 180 acres which fit the client’s budget.

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