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With a great relationship with the City of Pullman and contractor N.A. Dagerstrom, we partnered on this large-scale airport expansion to allow bigger airlines like Alaska and others to fly passenger planes into this growing college town where Washington State University is based.

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N.A. Degerstrom

Industries Served
General Contractor
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Bonded Fiber Matrix, Hydro Mulching, Hydroseeding, Drill/Broadcast Seeding & Fertilizing

Sediment Control
Coir/Jute Netting

Project Size

23 acres of Coir Netting
50 acres of Temporary Hydromulch
75 acres of grain drilling followed by Hydroseed and BFM


The SSEC APEX crews had a very short time windows to complete work in between various phases of construction.  Additionally, we were working on active airport runways with continuous air traffic.  Coir 500 netting is not a standard stocked project and had to be a special ordered over a year in advance from India, so pre-planning was critical.

How We Solved It

Our teams had to ramp up fast with multiple crews in between completed construction phases. Utilizing special FAA radios our PM would listen to air traffic and direct crews and equipment when planes were cleared for take-off and landings of passanger planes.  Because of our industry relationships and years of experience, we worked with our suppliers 1 year prior to secure coir product in time.

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