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The Lower Elkhorn Basin Levee Setback is a multi-year project and has numerous phases with a variety of environmental protection needs. The overall goal of the project is to provide additional public safety to 780,000 people by reducing river levels, increasing the capacity of the Yolo and Sacramento Bypasses, provide system resiliency during heavy rains, and improve eco system functions for fish and wildlife. The project consists of approximately 7 miles of setback levees in the Lower Elkhorn Basin along the east side of the Yolo Bypass, and the north side of the Sacramento Bypass.*

SSEC has been contracted by Forgen to complete work for the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) and associated studies from the California Department of Water Resources. Our team will provide site preparation and maintenance using a variety of seeding types and planting areas over an 8 year project schedule. With the help of our subcontractor, Pacific Parks Landscaping, we will provide additional weed management, planting, irrigation system solutions, grassland mitigation, mowing, herbicide applications and Riparian woodland establishment. Our track record, fleet and manpower capabilities have allowed us to meet all expectations and deadlines, while adapting to changing project conditions.

*Source: CA Dept of Water Resources

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Forgen & CA Dept. of Water Resources

Industries Served
Government Agency
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Hydro Mulching, Hydroseeding, Straw Blowing

Sediment Control
Silt Fence

Wildlife & Environmental Services
Wildlife Exclusionary Fencing, ESA Fencing

Project Size

3,000 AC, $12.1 million, multi-year project to include the following scope:

  • 85,000 LF ESA & Giant Garter Snake fencing
  • 700 AC Hydroseeding with 7 different seed mixes
  • 2,000 AC of Erosion Control seed
  • 18 AC of plantings

Unpredictable and changing weather patterns throughout project duration requires the SSEC team to adapt quickly and choose the right products that adhere for long term protection, sustainability and growth. Additionally, due to the project’s scale and schedule, the ability to acquire large quantities of various types of seed and supplies in a timely manner and sometimes on quick demand is a particularly challenging aspect.

How We Solved It

SSEC has the manpower and fleet to be able to respond quickly to the project’s large scope, changing needs and long-term timeline. We often run multiple pieces of equipment and teams at the same time to cover large areas more efficiently. Our proven track record combined with existing vendor and subcontractor relationships allows us to get supplies quickly and adapt at a moment’s notice to meet all project expectations and deadlines. Creative solutions and collaborative planning ensures customer protection at every phase when any challenges or unforeseen needs arise.

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