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Lakeside at Sutter is a multi-phase master-planned development project by Lennar Homes. The project is located in Sutter County, covering an area of 400 acres, and features two large man-made lakes.

Lennar Homes hired our team to install 18,000 linear feet of silt fence around the perimeter of the project. The silt fence was to be installed as a part of environmental and stormwater protection measures. The project scope included:

  • Site survey and analysis
  • Development of a silt fence installation plan
  • Installation of silt fence around the perimeter of the project
  • Inspection and maintenance of the silt fence

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Lennar Homes

Industries Served
Solution / Service Type

Sediment Control
Silt Fence

Wildlife & Environmental Services
ESA Fencing

Project Size
  • 400 acres with two large man-made lakes.
  • 18,000 linear feet of silt fence.

Fortunately, the project did not pose any challenges for our team. The project was vacant land at the time of installation.

How We Solved It

Our team developed a comprehensive silt fence installation plan that considered the regional soil conditions. This approach helped us to ensure that the silt fence was installed securely and would effectively serve its purpose of environmental and stormwater protection.

The successful installation of the silt fence helped Lennar Homes to achieve their environmental and stormwater protection objectives for the Lakeside at Sutter project.

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