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SSEC was very involved in the bidding process, providing value engineering on the Auburn Ravine Flood Plain, a 200- to 400-foot-wide by one-mile-long meandering flood weir with islands. We had an existing relationship with Tayler Morrison, and were already working on some of their other sites at the time. We were also recommended by the grading contractor Goodfellow Brothers as the only company that could complete the work on time.

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Goodfellow Bros / Taylor Morrison

Industries Served
Solution / Service Type

Erosion Control
Hydro Mulching, Hydroseeding

Sediment Control
Erosion Control Blankets

Project Size
  • Hydroseeded more than 100 acres of house pads and creek banks with Profiles Wood fiber, native seed, organic fertilizer and Takcifier.
  • Installed over 17 acres of biodegradable coconut straw blankets on creek bank slopes for extra protection.
  • The project totals 180 acres and will provide more than 400 new homes.

The enormous size and tight timeframe of the project required fast work to complete the initial phase before winter. This was essential to protect the project from violations and fines, and it was also critical to complete the flood plain work before the creek had winter flow rates. The flood plain needed to be reengineered to our valued engineered recommendations and installation approach. We also needed to mitigate between the owners (Taylor Morrison), the QSDs (Ecorp), and the engineers (FDG) on the types of products (in this case blankets) for water flow velocity, longevity of products, and vegetation establishment.

How We Solved It

SSEC overcame the project’s challenges by being closely involved in the submittal process, attending several on-site meetings with the owners (Taylor Morrison), QSDs (Ecorp), and the engineers (FDG). Our recommendations saved the project almost $500,000 while switching from synthetic blankets to all-natural biodegradable blankets. We maintained close contact with all subcontractors working on the job via weekly meetings. Weekend work was necessary to complete the massive exposed site during grading.

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