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On June 28, 2012, a devastating fire driven by high winds and scorching summer temperatures raged across 1,038 acres in the hills south of Pocatello, ID in the Bannock range. Sixty-six homes and 29 outbuildings were destroyed in 4 hours, causing millions of dollars in damage. Apex was solicited to provide the difficult restoration work based on its established reputation from similar projects around the western United States. Bannock County negotiated and fast-tracked a complete restoration of the Charlotte fire area.

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Bannock County, ID

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Erosion Control
Hydro Mulching

Project Size
  • 350 acres of NaturesOwn bonded fiber matrix @ 2,500 lbs/acre with native seed mix
  • Budget: $600,000.00

The site required roads to be built into steep canyons. Trucks needed to be yo-yoed into canyons behind a D-9 Cat to be able to spray and cover up to 900 feet to the bottoms of the slopes. The project also required two 10-wheel trucks and one 5,000-gallon triple-drive truck to climb steep canyons and access very rough terrain.

In addition, the fire left behind very little of the vegetation that had previously controlled runoff and stabilized the soil. This created a serious potential for flooding, as well as serious mud and rock debris. With government authorities calling for immediate remediation, the focus of the job was to hydroseed 350 acres in a little over a week’s time.

How We Solved It

Apex teamed with Selby’s Erosion Control (then a separate company) to bring in the larger, more specialized equipment need to spray the longer, steeper, and more expansive slopes. Once roads were built, three application trucks between the two companies were on site for approximately eight days and together covered around 350 acres.

Materials were trucked in 24 hours per day. Mulching operations started before dawn and continued under lights after dark every night. Maintenance and repairs were performed during the night shift.

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