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The old Bryte Landfill, now closed, was adjacent to the existing north levee of the Sacramento Bypass near its confluence with the Yolo Bypass east levee. The alignment of the new Yolo Bypass and Sacramento Bypass levees could potentially leave this landfill site within the floodway and result in dispersal of its potentially toxic materials. Site remediation was necessary to remove and relocate approximately 13 acres of landfill.

This soil remediation project involved removing and relocating all waste material from the old landfill, impacted sediment in the drainage on the north side of the landfill, and native soil underlying the waste that contained constituents of concern exceeding remedial goals. Construction and demolition debris was disposed at the Yolo County Central Landfill. All other excavated material was relocated to a new landfill with a bottom and top cover to limit infiltration.

Odin awarded this project to SSEC because of a long-standing past history of successful projects as a team.

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Odin Construction

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Erosion Control
Dust Control, Hydroseeding

Project Size
  • 27 acres of hydroseeding using Profile’s Wood Fiber, native seed, fertilizer and tackifier
  • 10 acres of Gorilla Snot (Soil Stabilizer) manufactured by Soilworks.

This project had tight timeframes, because grading was scheduled to go into mid-November with winter fast approaching, and permitting requirements needed to be met for final erosion control. Value engineering was needed for areas outside of the original plans for stockpiles and borrow sites.

How We Solved It

SSEC presented several design options which were reviewed and agreed upon by SAFCA as well as Odin to mitigate best Erosion Control practices and stay on budget. Our crews completed the project in 3 working days.

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